Guilherme Tâmega leads the 2009 IBA World Tour

May 6, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Guilherme Tâmega leads the 2009 IBA World Tour

Chile will be the next stop for the Men and will be a Grand Slam event with 2000 points up for grabs.

Tamega will be the man to beat and is not only the number 1 seed but the defending champion.

The event will run from July 29th till August 9th and local promoter Christian "Tomate" Peralta will be praying for similar conditions as last years epic event.

Europe will be the next stop for the girls following the WWT and a string of events including the Grand Slam at Sintra will make for an intense month of competition.

After announcing his retirement at the start of the Brazilian leg, Guilherme Tamega has won the Bahia Bodyboard show and now leads the IBA Mens ratings going into Chile'.

" I am stoked to win in my home country and for sure I will now go to Chile' to defend my title" said the former multi World Champion.

Tamega defeated Eder Luciano in the all Brazilian final with Luis Villar and Fabio Rodrigues placing equal third.

Waves for the event varied from clean 5 footers to messy 2-3 footers but overall the event was a resounding success and congratulations to Flavio Brito and his hard working team on delivering two great events back to back in Brazil.

Mike Stewart has moved into number two on the IBA ratings after making the final of the Katherine Melo Pro and a solid performance in the Bahia Bodyboard show.

At "Forty something" Mike is competing against riders half his age and re-writting the rules of his generation.

"The age thing gets put on us in society but I don't subscribe to it" said Mike.

"I'm still kind of living the dream of a grommet, running my business from a laptop because its a blast to do"

"I encourage anyone out there who has brought into this society thing that they are too old to do anything to go for it" said Mike.

Imagine if Mike wins his 10th World Title before Kelly Slater?

Top 10  | Full Ratings

01 Guilherme Tamega  2985
02 Mike Stewart   2303
03 Uri Valadao   2277
04 Paulo Barcellos   2105
05 Lucas Nogueira   2094
06 Ryan Hardy   2000
07 Magno Oliveira    1971
08 Luis Villar   1950
09 Rene Xavier   1863
10 Pierre L. Costes  1720
11 Gastao Entrudo   1685
12 Airem Cabrera   1597
13 Leonardo Costa   1416
14 Emiliano Tabare   1412
15 Eder Luciano   1385
16 Stephan Stamm   1361
16 Rui Perreira   1361
18 Dave Winchester   1340
19 Rui Ferreira      1314
20 Francisco Aguilar 1272

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