Guilherme Tamega wins the IBA Arica Chile

August 11, 2008 | Bodyboarding

Guilherme Tamega

Today at El Gringo we finished the finals of the 5th stop on the IBA world tour. With good 8 feet sets, the best bodyboarders on the globe fought it out for the Arica Chilean Challenge.

The final was between Brazilian Guilherme Tâmega and Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard. Tâmega started the heat at 100% getting 4 waves in the first 10 minutes.

One of this waves he scored a 9.5 in a 3 session tube that made the crowd go crazy. After he caught another tube and scored a 7 point wave.

At this stage, Jeff could only watch Tamega surf. The waves that Jeff paddled for were closing out.

As time passed, things got a bit difficult for Jeff with Tâmega holding him to a 16 points combination at the final.

Guilherme Tamega
“I needed this victory, I felt that something really good was coming. When I knew that would get Jeff on the final I said, I need to win this time(Tâmega loss to Jeff in the 2006 final). I am really stoked and now I will fight for the world title.” said the champion Guilherme Tamega.

The IBA World Tour now moves to Europe for a three leg series.


1 - Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) 16,50
2 - Jeff Hubabrd (HAV) 11,37
3 - Piere Costes (FRA)
3 - Dave Winchster (Aus)
5 - Magno Oliveira (BRA)
5 - Yeray Martinez (CAN)
5 - Richard Dias (CAN)
5 - Mitch Rawlins(AUS)

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