Guilherme Tâmega wins the Sopelana BBK Pro

August 22, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Sopelana BBK Pro: sunny bodyboarders

The final day of competition was a gloomy day weatherwise but the competition was heating up as the quarters hit the water in small sloppy 2 footers. The swell had peaked overnight and the organizers started early to catch the low wind and tide.

Yeray Martinez looked comfortable in the tiny mush and took the first heat against Rui Ferreira. Yeray is in amazing form and will be a real threat on this years e3x leg.

Dave Hubbard continued his golden run in the second with a win over Diego Cabrera. GT brought the local riders run to an end when he disposed of Aritz Larrinaga.

In the last heat PLC looked in sizzling form against Eder Luciano. Eder is always the man to beat in small waves. He pretty much re-wrote the record books last year on the Euro leg with his amazing technique and great equipment so when Pierre took this heat with relative ease it showed the crowd that he meant business.

Semi one and Yeray V Dubb. Yeray starts strong with a 4.5 & 6.5 average and Dave Hubbard holds priority looking for the winning waves.

Dave snagged a 6.5 but Martinez answered back with a 9.0 and Dubb went on the back foot needing an 8.76 that never came. Yeray is the first rider in the final.

In the next semi the French wiz-kid PLC was taking on the Brazilian machine known as GT. GT opens with a 8.0 and Pierre holds priority looking for a 7.51. He found a 6.75 but it was not enough and GT moves into the final against Martinez.

The final was held in fun glassy 2 footers with the clouds parting and the surf surging just in time for a 30 minute clash between the two most consistent riders of the 4 day event.

In the final Tamega netted a nine pointer and backed it up with a 6.9 to leave Yeray chasing a 7.5

“ I am stoked to have a start like this” said Tamega. I always wanted the winners hat and now I have one”

Overall the Sopelana BBK Pro was a fun event and the perfect start to the IBA’s e3x Euro leg. The crew now roll into Portugal for the Sintra Portugal Pro that starts on Tuesday.

Source: IBA World Tour

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