Hard fought battles in the 2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

September 6, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

Day three at Ferrol was a classic. Cloudless skies, offshore winds and clean but small waves was the order of the day.

The event was starting to get down to the business end of the competition with the man-on-man 1/8 heats for the Men and the semi’s for the DK crew.

Results for this round saw the following results.

Lucas Nogueira (Brazil) defeat Luis Perez (Spain)
Mitch Rawlins (Australia) defeat Luis Villar (Brazil)
Ryan Hardy (Australia) defeat Hugo Pinheiro (Portugal)
Dave Winchester (Australia) defeat Paulo Barcellos (Brazil)
Manuel Centeno (Portugal) defeat Pierre Luis Costes (France)
Christian Perez (Spain ) defeat Amaury Laverhne (Re-Union)
Guilemo Cobo (Canary Islands) defeat Damian King (Australia)
Mike Stewart (Hawaii) defeat Mark McCarthy (Sth Africa)

There was a short break after this heat as the organizers re-located to the middle of the beach to take advantage of a series of random peaks.

It restarted with the DK semi’s and the boys were loving the clean open faces with Ardiel Jiminez (Canary Isl) Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) Dave Winchester (Australia) and local rider Yi Yi Obenza making up the 4 man final.

In the first heat of the ¼ finals Brazilian Lucas Nogueira outmaneuvered Mitch Rawlins (Australia). Lucas got the two best waves of the day and went to town with a series of flips and rolls that had the crowd going wild. Mitch had been surfing well all event but Lucas, who is shaping up as the man to beat, stopped left the Aussies golden run in its tracks.

Heat two was also a cracker with Aussies Ryan Hardy and Dave Winchester going wave for wave before Winny secured a set wave with a series of functional moves that netted him a 7.5 and the heat.

“ It was pretty relaxed out there, pretty chilled really with no hassling so it was whoever got the waves and I got them before the ocean stopped” said Winny.

His next opponent is Lucas Nogueira from Brazil.

“ He scored three 9 point plus rides yesterday so its going to be a tough one. Its going to be small so when its like that its whoever gets the waves” said Winchester.

Next up local Spanish rider Luis Perez took up Portugal’s Manuel Centeno and the lead changed several times as the two exchanged blows. In the end Perez got the score he needed to just pip a determined Centeno.

The last heat of the day was a David and Goliath battle between Guilemo Cobo (Canary Islands) and Mike Stewart (Hawaii)

The beach was packed for this heat and the two didn’t disappoint as the lead changed hands after each exchange. It was an absorbing battle but in the end with a few minutes left on the timer Cobo got the score required and moved into the semi’s.

“The beachbreaks in Europe are notoriously tricky. Everytime I looked at the waves they had changed. This time it didn’t work out for me” said Stewart.

“He remained composed and didn’t seem to come unglued when the pressure was on. He is a good talent this kid and we haven’t seen the last of him”

The contest will finish tomorrow (Sunday) with the DK final along with the men’s semi’s and final.