Jake Stone: he landed a 720 air

Jake Stone has landed the first 720 air in competitive bodyboarding. Will this move set a standard for the future of the sport?

The first 720 rotation in skateboarding was completed, for the first time, by Tony Hawk in 1985. Two full mid-air rotations. Fourteen years later, the same Tony Hawk would upgrade it to 900 at the X Games.

Skaters have already pushed the limits of aerial rotations.

In 2012, a 12-year-old rider by the name of Tom Schaar landed the "impossible" 1080 on the Woodward California Mega Ramp.

In professional bodyboarding, airs are tricky and require speed, ramps, and talent.

Jake Stone's 720 move was successfully completed during the 2013 New South Wales South Coast Crusade, a Grand Slam Series event of the IBA World Tour.

Having in mind the overall waves on offer during a pro season, the 720 air might get a relevant status as the first step toward a 10-point ride.

Time will tell who will follow Jake Stone's 720 and set a new benchmark in competitive bodyboarding.

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