Hayato Enokido wins 2018 Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro

July 24, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Hayato Enokido: stoked to win the 2018 Northern Beaches Pro

Hayato Enokido has taken out the 2018 Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro, in Whale Beach, New South Wales.

The fourth stop on the Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) Tour got underway in punchy three-to-four-foot waves. And three national champions have already been crowned.

In the pro men's division, Japanese bodyboarding sensation Enokido sent the title race to the last event of the season after beating the rider of the contest, Liam Lucas.

"I am so happy. Thank you to the ABA staff, all the sponsors, and all Australian bodyboarders. Arigato!" said an extremely pleased Hayato Enokido.

In the drop-knee division, and despite winning in NSW, Ben Peasley was not able to steal the season's title from the Zachary Armytage.

"You always hope for the best, and I just had fun with everyone here so, yes, mission accomplished," added Ben Peasley, who donated his prize-money to a friend who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

In the pro women's division, Lilly Pollard secured a back-to-back national title. The experienced bodyboarder beat an in-form Ayako Shido.

"I'm pretty stoked to win the title. It's all good vibes from the girls and guys hanging out and scoring good waves together, pushing and encouraging each other. I'd love to see younger girls coming into this," added Lilly Pollard.

In the Pro Junior division, Liam Lucas won the event and claimed the top honors in the season rankings.

"I'm feeling great. I'd like to thank my sponsors, the ABA Tour, and my dad for taking me everywhere, on and off the Tour, and free surfing," concluded Liam Lucas, the newly crowned 2018 Pro Junior champion.

The last event of the ABA Tour season - the SWS Mystics Pro - should run on August 4-5 or 11-12, depending on the completion dates of APB's Kiama Pro.

2018 Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro | Finals

Pro Men
1. Hayato Enokido
2. Liam Lucas

Pro Women
1. Lilly Pollard
2. Ayako Shido

1. Ben Peasley
2. Luke Fisher

Pro Junior
1. Liam Lucas
2. Hunter Nicholls
3. Joseph Morton
4. Tom Walter