Heavy waves expected at The Box Pro 2011

March 15, 2011 | Bodyboarding

The Box: heavy, very heavy

The best pro bodyboarders in the globe are warming up for The Box Pro 2011, in Margaret River, Western Australia. This is the second stage of the 2011 IBA Grand Slam Series and will be delivering $30.000 and 2000 points.

The Box hasn't seen a top professional event since 2002, when the tour was called the Global Organization of Bodyboarding. So, after many years, the infamous waves of Australia will greet Jeff Hubbard, Thomas Rigby, Jared Houston and friends for a very important contest.

Dallas Singer, the Australian rider placing third in the IBA GSS rankings, is preparing to give his best in home soil. "I’ve been trying to work in a few new boards ready for a busy year of competition. My Polypro’s usually take a couple of sessions to break in and once that's done they serve me well throughout the next few months. I’ve also been working with my shaper Reon at Fourplay on board thicknesses and applying extras bits and pieces to increase the board’s strength without losing any performance qualities", says Singer.

The Box is a thick and hollow wave. Only intermediate and experienced wave riders should take it on big days. Margaret River, a true surf town, is one of the places to surf in Australia. There are more than 40 quality breaks in the region.

Expect gnarly moments in The Box. Wearing a helmet should be compulsory because this is one of the heaviest waves of the 2011 IBA World Tour.

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