Help Eddie Solomon's treatment in Germany

September 13, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Eddie Solomon: fighter

Eddie Solomon, one of most passionate American bodyboarders, is currently fighting a stage 4 Hi Grade T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and need your help.

The rider from Dana Point has been fighting cancer for over 10 months and needs to go to Germany for treatment. That's why your donation is a huge help. In order to fight for his life, Eddie needs a helping hand from the world bodyboarding community.

Donate what you can. Eddie and his family thank you from the bottom of their hearts. The cost of this treatment/trip is in the $75,000 range, which is not covered by insurance at all.

Solomon is a founding member of 662 and has been spreading the love for bodyboarding for a long time. In the last months, he has been fighting this aggressive type of cancer in a positive way.

"Whenever I do have energy it goes into being with my family and handling the responsibility of supporting my family all by myself during all of this. It has been the hardest, most horrific times ever, quite unimaginable. Thank you to my beautiful fiancé Tamara, my son Eddie, my mom and dad, my brothers and my sister, and all my friends for the support".

Help Eddie Solomon.

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