High bodyboarding standards in the 2010 Arica Chilean Challenge

May 18, 2010 | Bodyboarding

2010 Arica Chilean Challenge: always pumping

Today was a typical day in Arica, due to the small conditions, the organization decided to put only the last two heats of Round 3 in the water, leaving the début of IBA Back-12 only for the next few days.

"The conditions were very small and we decided to just finish the two heats that were missing of this 3rd Round. We should start round four on Tuesday or Wednesday, when it begins to pull a big swell that should bring waves up to five meters, "said Chico Garritano, IBA Head Judge.

Even with only two heats, the day set aside some emotions for competitors, especially to João Zick, from Brazil. The young bodyboarder is competing in his first world event and has been pushing his opponents. In this heat, the young Brazilian got two good waves in his heat and managed to turn the battle in the final minutes after a nice el rolo on a right, pushing Australia’s Nick Ormerod into third with less than a minute remaining.

"I'm really stoked to compete against two of my idols, Jake Stone and Nick Omerod, and to advanced to round 4. The heat was very difficult but I´m happy to keep going”, said João.

Hawaiian David Phillips also stood out enough, getting the biggest score of today, 15.00 points out of a possible 20.

"Today was the worst day in Arica and yet the conditions were very good. It's amazing here, even with small waves, you can find good conditions. I'm happy to have advanced to round 4”, said David.

Next call will be 7am tomorrow.

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