Carving: all you want is spray | Photo: D'Andrea/APB

Lean on the bodyboard rails and draw a curve on the face of the wave. Learn how to carve in bodyboarding.

Carving is an essential bodyboarding technique that allows the rider to reconnect with the wave's pocket. When you carve, you reduce speed and get back to the energy source.

But carving is also one of the most beautiful maneuvers in bodyboarding because it generates a stunning wall of water spray.

It may seem easy to carve, but the trick requires a lot of balance, timing, and wave knowledge. You'll need to know when to carve and where to do it.

Carves are useful in waves that offer a gentle face.

Carving is not a drastic maneuver - sharp turns will make you lose speed and won't produce as much spray as a smooth, gradual move.

Carving a Bodyboard 101

Ready for some carving on the face of the wave? Here's how to do it:

  1. Find a perfect-peeling, wedgy wave with a long shoulder;
  2. Take off and perform a strong bottom turn;
  3. Gain speed and eye a potential spot for applying the brakes;
  4. Lean on your inside rail and drive your board up the face of the wave;
  5. Gradually transfer your weight from the inside to the outside rail;
  6. Drive the bodyboard down towards the flats of the wave;
  7. Bottom turn and resume riding;

For additional carving power, use your outside leg as an extended rail while performing the move.

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