How to do an invert in bodyboarding

Invert: a classic bodyboarding maneuver | Photo: Jimenez/APB

Inverts are a bodyboarding classic for intermediate and advanced riders. The maneuver requires speed, timing, and flexibility.

In bodyboarding, air maneuvers always demand speed, and inverts are no exception. Inverts are a bridge between classic aerial tricks and the el rollo, but a well-executed invert sees the bodyboarder stalling in up in the sky for a second and a half.

The best waves to boost spectacular inverts are rampy sections. You should also kick your inside leg to help your body twist upside down. Always remember that, in the invert position, your eyes should be pointed towards the sky.

Inverts are often the best bodyboard move to perform in close-out sections. All you need to do is calculate the ideal time for hitting the exploding lip.

If can't find waves to train your inverts, do it at home, or on the beach. Simulate the torsion of the upper body, and the rotation of the board.

1. Paddle for a wedgy wave with oncoming hollow sections;
2. Perform an efficient bottom turn;
3. Visualize a U-shaped surf line, lean forward on the bodyboard and build up speed;
4. Head towards the lip at an angle of 45 degrees;
5. Hit the pinching lip when the wave reaches its vertical momentum;
6. Twist your body upside down into the inverted position with the board's rail nearly touching your ear;
7. Keep the inverted position for as long as possible;
8. When gravity starts pulling your body and board down, bring your board back around yourself;
9. Use your hips, elbows and hands to help absorb the shock of landing;
10. Brace your body, hold on tight and, if possible, land on the whitewater to avoid injuring your back;

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