Swim fin tethers: they might save you money and your life

For a few, they're useless pieces of gear. But for many, fin tethers, also known as swim fin savers, can simultaneously save your money and save your life.

Fin tethers connect your ankles to the swim fins, making sure you're not losing them while riding a wave or getting ripped off by a close-out wave.

Remember that if you lose one fin, you won't be able to buy another one individually - water sports companies only sell pairs, and there's nothing you can do with a single swim fin.

The number of bodyboarders who lost swim fins in the surf is countless. Attaching tethers to the heel strap of your pair of fins will allow you to focus on what really matters - the waves.

Because they're inexpensive - between $5 and $15 - fin tethers are always a wise pick for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bodyboarders alike.

Some models are more comfortable than others.

High-end units will come with ankle pads, neoprene cuffs, and strong velcro fasteners that will cushion the impact of the rider's movements and never result in a painful experience.

Of course, you may always improvise and use shoestrings, but they can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if the laces are too tight.

There are also buckle tethers and ball-syncing tethers, which can do the work really well.

Swim Tethers Installation

Installing fin tethers is easy. Here's how it's done:

  1. Insert the tether's string loop through the strap;
  2. Pull the tether through the loop;
  3. Slide the string loop around to different parts of the fin heel strap, for example, between the ankle bone and the heel;
  4. Put your swim fins on;
  5. Attach the leash to your ankle

If you opt for fin strings, it's even cheaper:

  1. Drop the loop through the center of the fin;
  2. Feed the loop around the outside of the fin strap;
  3. Take the two tips of the string and feed them through the loop;
  4. Pull the string;
  5. Slide the string loop around the heel strap, where it feels comfortable for you;
  6. Put your swim fins on;
  7. Take the two strings, wrap them around your ankle and tie a snug knot;

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