Bodyboarding fins: protect your feet from rubbing | Photo: Shutterstock

Bodyboarding fins are not the most comfortable equipment while riding waves. Find out what you can do to protect your feet and toes from rubs and blisters.

Fins are a fundamental part of a bodyboarder's life. You need to catch and ride waves in all types of ocean conditions.

Unfortunately, flippers are universally known for causing pain and discomfort to those who wear them for more than half an hour.

Swim fins are supposed to be snug, not loose. However, riders with sensitive skin seldom develop sores from skin rubbing against the fins.

Low-quality rubber fins, extreme water temperatures, and sand grains are responsible for chafing and rubbing.

So, what should you do to reduce the risk of rubbing your feet while having fun? Don't wait until your feet "toughen" up.

Protect your feet from skin irritation.

The more the skin gets rubbed off, the less you'll surf. If you don't defend your feet, continuous rubbing will result in painful blisters that will need time to heal.

Fin rubs: apply an adhesive bandage on the wounded or most sensitive areas | Photo: Gelex

Socks and Moisturizer

The first thing you should do is wear thin neoprene fin socks.

They will work as a cushion between the flippers and your feet and protect your heels, ankles, and toes from getting rubbed raw.

You also want to pad the fins' interior. Just grab a pair of scissors, glue, and a couple of thin neoprene panels. Once you've applied them inside the flippers, let them dry for a day or two.

If you don't appreciate the feel of neoprene around your feet, make sure you apply a moisturizer on them while they're dry for a few minutes before paddling out.

Finally, whether your skin is already rubbed off or not, consider applying an adhesive bandage to the wounded or most sensitive areas of your feet before entering the water.

Remember to treat rubs and blisters as quickly as possible.

It's not all about the pain - you should also avoid infections, so wash it with fresh water, cover the irritation with petroleum jelly, and apply a bandage.

If the problem persists, try a different pair of bodyboarding fins.

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