Pierre-Louis Costes: a monarch in the big air bodyboarding kingdom | Photo: IBA/Grimon

Humans are not able to fly, but bodyboarders are. Getting airborne requires speed, waves, and technique. Let's learn with Pierre-Louis Costes, a rider known for his trademark backflips.

World bodyboarding champion Pierre-Louis Costes knows how to jump high in the skies, whether he's competing or free surfing on summer beach breaks.

When we talk about aerial games, wave height matters, but it is not everything.

So, how do you do a big air in bodyboarding? Pay attention to the Frenchman's words.

They'll propel you into the highest airs of your bodyboarding career.

Big Air Bodyboarding 101

Here's how to pull off the biggest airs on a bodyboard:

  1. "You want to be launched so that you might choose the right wave or ramp for the matter. I am not saying you won't get air at a two-foot beachie, but let's be honest: a six-foot wedge into a four-foot ramp is ideal";
  2. "Speed is the key - there are no secrets here. Speed can be achieved in different ways: if you are coming from a wedge, work is cut in half; the other way will depend on the quality of your bottom turn";
  3. "Life is all about timing - there is no need to be early or late; punctuality is a quality, and it can be applied when hitting the lip of a wave";
  4. "Now, what are you going for? A huge invert, a massive backflip, or even a triple air forward? Do what the wave asks you to do, or impose yourself and do whatever you want";
  5. "The final stage is the landing: some people say if it's not landed, it doesn't count. But guess what? Unless you're competing in a heat, that's not true. The feeling of doing a big air comes from actually doing so. So don't worry, go big, and good luck trying to handle it!";

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