How to put on a pair of bodyboarding fins

Bodyboarding fins: learn how to put them on correctly | Photo: Decathlon

Bodyboarding is a sport that requires you to wear swim fins. Let's learn how to put them on correctly.

Is it possible to catch waves and ride a bodyboard without a pair of flippers? Yes. Is it reasonable to paddle out on a boogie board? No.

Unlike surfing, where you generally only need your arms to get into the wave, bodyboarding relies on leg and foot power to propel you forward through the water.

Swim fins provide underwater acceleration and thrust, but they will also help bodyboarders navigate across the face of the wave, adding hold and drive to the ride.

Fins used in bodyboarding come in different sizes and shapes.

In most cases, fins have specific left and right feet. But there are also straight-cut identical fins, which can be worn on either foot.

Once you've got yourself a nice pair of natural rubber flippers, you need to memorize how to put them on because some models don't indicate which one goes left and right clearly.

Putting Your Fins On 101

  1. Determine which foot they're going to go on - if you have doubts, know that the furthest fin blade must be on the outside of each fin;
  2. Check which way is the bottom and which way is the top - the drain holes must go on the bottom;
  3. If you're wearing fins with wetsuit socks, fin inserts, or cotton socks, put them on now;
  4. Slide your foot all the way in, right to the end;
  5. Pull the heel strap around the back of your ankle of both your left and right foot;
  6. Make sure you're comfortable - if you feel the fins are too tight or too loose, find an alternative;
  7. Attach your fin-saver or tie up your fin string on both feet;

Now that you've put your flippers on, it's time to learn how to walk with swim fins down the beach.

Have you mastered the technique? Find out how to use them in the water.

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