Bodyboards: do not use the heat of the sun to remove wax | Photo: Shutterstock

Getting wax off a bodyboard is easy, but there are a few things you shouldn't do. Otherwise, you may irreversibly damage it.

The two main types of bodyboard cores - polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) - are flexible and durable materials, but they are simultaneously sensitive and delicate.

The worst enemy of a high-quality bodyboard is extreme heat.

If you leave your board's deck in the sun for a couple of hours, you might end up with irreversible damage to the bottom's slick skin and the stringers.

If leaving your boogie board exposed to the sun's rays for half an hour becomes a recurrent practice, you will also shorten its lifespan.

With time, you will notice small changes in the rocker, and the board's rails could even delaminate.

The damage can be worse if your bodyboard is black or extremely dark because it will absorb more light than lighter colors.

So, if you want to completely remove wax from your board, the sun is not the best option.

There are two ways to scrape the wax off a bodyboard - using a hairdryer to melt it or pouring warm water over the board.

Then, all you need is a classic plastic scraper along with a grease remover or citrus-based cleaner.

Dewaxing a Bodyboard 101

If you opt for the blow dryer, do the following:

  1. Lie your board on a flat surface;
  2. Set a low temperature on the hairdryer;
  3. Start moving the blow dryer around without focusing on one area of the board;
  4. When the wax starts melting, turn the blow dryer away from the board;
  5. Use a good wax scraper to remove the sticky residue;

If you prefer the warm water method, do the following:

  1. Lay your board on the lawn or the ground;
  2. Pour warm water (50 °C / 122 °F) all over the board's deck;
  3. Spread the water around with your hands;
  4. Wait two minutes;
  5. Use a good wax scraper to remove the sticky residue;
  6. Rinse the board with fresh water;

Be active when it comes to taking care of your boogie board.

Don't let wax come off with time - remove it every three months and clean it before applying a new coat of grip.

Do you need help knowing where to put wax on a bodyboard?

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