Bodyboarding: learn how to walk with swim fins | Photo: Creative Commons/SayLuiiiis

Bodyboarding beginners may find it difficult to walk in swim fins, but the trick is quite simple. Just exaggerate your steps.

Fins are one of the most important tools in contemporary bodyboarding. You need them to catch the best waves as fast as you can.

First of all, get your leash on.

After warming up and while walking towards the water, bring your knees up higher than you usually would, and walk in a kind of skipping action so they don't get caught as you bring your foot through.

In order to avoid accidents and look good at the same time, concentrate on what you're doing, and when you get to ankle-depth water, turn around and start walking backward.

Hold the Board

One of the most common mistakes is lifting your feet off the floor. Make sure you slide them along the bottom in a kind of moon-walk movement.

Hold your board with your hands on the front corners of the nose and the tail resting in the water.

This will offer the least resistance to the incoming waves, so as they hit you, there's less chance of you getting knocked over.

As soon as you get to waist-depth water, you can start paddling out the back.

You can learn multiple step-by-step tricks and maneuvers in "The Bodyboard Manual," a book written by Rob Barber.

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