Hubbard brothers capture the 2011 Sandy Beach Pro

July 15, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: reverse mode

Jeff Hubbard and Dave Hubbard have conquered the 2011 Sandy Beach Pro, in Hawaii. The North American brothers dominated the Open and the Drop-Knee contests, in 2-4ft Half Point waves.

The conditions allowed the contenders to launch into the air, glide through the barrel and carve across the available faces. With record number entrants the amateurs were a charging force to be reckoned with. Matt Holzman, Alex Brown, Keahi Parker, Colin Black, all had good showings with narrow eliminating margins.

The most entertaining heat was certainly Men’s Semi #1, as it began with an interference on Jeff Hubbard after Happy Zurowski took off behind him. Continuing on the wave Jeff began his onslaught. He had woken up and the stakes were raised.

The young Trevor "Blua" Kam fought for his own spot with big ARS’ and lots of combinations. A tense heat with lots of solid rides, and after Happy’s huge Backflip at the buzzer It was unanimous that with or without the interference Jeff would move through (it was ultimately reversed).

The surprise of the event was that Bula did not advance on, and like the year before GT wound up in final, somehow.

The Men’s Final opened up with Skipp getting a heavy deep pit which along with his other outstandingly stylish rides earned him 2nd place. Josh Garner made an appearance with a strong 3rd place finish, but it was Jeff Hubbard who proved again that he is the man at Sandy’s.

The DK presence at Sandy’s is strong along with the Stand-up bodyboarders. A huge DK field in numbers and in talent with names like Aka Lyman, Willy Petrovic, Chris Won, and Jason Sakapanio. The youngest DK Pro finalist in US bodyboarding history was Sammy Morretino who was relentless, maxing his wave count every heat.

His small light frame was throwing impressive amounts of chunks and his speed technique is also honed. The "meercat" finaled along with Cole Hansen.

Alan Lampheire had "no fear" as he floated anything that came his way and clawed himself right up into 2nd place, but it was Dave Hubbard again dropping his knee on top of that to get another win at beautiful Sandy Beach.

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