Hubboards: bodyboarding art by Jeff and Dave

Hubboards, the bodyboards designed in Hawaii by Jeff and Dave Hubbard, are already being marketed.

The Hubbard brothers promise their boards are "manufactured using the highest possible grade materials and craftsmanship available in the world, in Indonesia."

The team has designed two main groups of templates: the Hubb Edition and the Dave Edition come in crescent and bat tail, and different colors.

"The Hubb Edition template can maximize speed effortlessly and is easily controlled in the most critical situations," explains Jeff Hubbard.

"Whether driving through long deep funneling barrels, launching off perfect wedge sections or flying high through the air creating new moves."

"Functionality has always been my highest priority when creating a craft," adds Dave Hubbard.

"The result from designing this Dubb Edition is a versatile, fully functioning wave-riding vehicle. Basically, the board’s main functions are generating speed and controlling it."


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