Brahim Iddouch: an inverted air that ended up in the reef | Photo: APB

Teahupoo delivered six-to-ten-foot waves, and the world's best bodyboarders performed at the highest level. The SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge 2016 has reached Round 3.

Age is not a problem, especially if you're Mike Stewart. The 52-year-old charger won two heats and looks sharp. The man who "discovered" Teahupoo for the Western world defeated Guilherme Tamega and Garth McGregor, and he is through to the finals.

McGregor had a splendid opportunity to beat the veteran. He scored a Perfect 10 for a deep tube, but the Australian never found a backup for his short 2.17 and ended up losing what could've been a historical heat for him.

Tahitian riders also battled between themselves to earn a spot in the upcoming rounds. In the first heat of Round 3, Tahurai Henry defeated Henry Hitoti by a very narrow margin - only 0.06 points.

Dave Hubbard was not competing in the Drop-Knee division, but he got barreled in DK mode to impress the judges and win his heat against local bodyboarder David Tuarau. The Tahitians wanted revenge, and a few moments later two riders from the Polynesian island would progress through to Round 4.

Cedric Estall and Julien Miremont sent Alex Uranga and Brahim Iddouch home early. The Moroccan tried to land a huge inverted air but the flat waters, and the shallow coral reef showed no mercy - all Iddouch got was a spectacular wipeout.

The SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge 2016 | Round 3

Tahurai Henry (TAH) 11.86 def. Henry Hitoti (TAH) 11.80
Dave Hubbard (HAW) 18.67 def. Dave Tuarau (TAH) 12.34
Cedric Estall (TAH) 16.93 def. Alex Uranga (SPA) 6.16
Julien Miremont (TAH) 13.00 def. Brahim Iddouch (MOR) 6.83
Mike Stewart (HAW) 14.50 def. Garth McGregor (AUS), 12.17

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