Hugo Pinheiro and Rita Pires explode in the Azores Islands

November 21, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Rita Pires: heavy charger

Hugo Pinheiro and Rita Pires have opened the Azores Bodyboarding Festival 2011, held in world class wave conditions, at Santa Catarina, Ilha Terceira, Azores, in great style.

The riders won the Portuguese leg of the National Bodyboard Circuit and showed the entire world the quality of "The Queen", the infamous wave of Santa Catarina.

Manuel Centeno, Filipe "Cabrela" Raposo, Hugo Pinheiro, Jaime Jesus and Gastão Entrudo will be battling for the Portuguese title. Rita Pires, who is also competing in the Women's World Tour, may secure the national title, in Carcavelos.

The world's best bodyboarders will be stoked to check the waves of the Azores Bodyboarding Festival 2011. Santa Catarina is also being named as the "European Hawaii". There are eight-to-ten super heavy barreling waves breaking in the shallow reef.

Comparisons with Fronton or Arica where heard backstage amongst some of the Portuguese riders who follow the world tour and it was not too much.

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