Iain Campbell wins 2018 Itacoatiara Pro

June 26, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Iain Campbell: the winner of the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro | Photo: D'Andrea/APB

Iain Campbell conquered the 2018 Itacoatiara Pro, in Niteroi, Brazil.

The second stop on the Grand Slam Series (GSS) got underway in firing conditions at the infamous Brazilian beach break.

In the water, two South Africans experienced occasional closeouts and perfect, barreling waves in the eight-to-ten-foot range.

Iain Campbell kicked off the final heat with two average scores that put in a comfortable position and his opponent in a combination situation.

Tristan Roberts tried everything he could to change things, but he was unable to find the wave that would put him in the lead, and the 2017 APB World Tour champion got back to the top of the podium.

"That was hectic. I've been training with Philip [Nel] and we've been doing an amazing job back home," said Campbell.

"On the build-up, you put these plans into place because they're not dreams anymore - the dream was achieved last year - and there are so many mental difficulties. To get this win is huge for me, for my family, friends."

Sammy Morretino ended up winning the Expression Session. The Hawaiian put out a splendid display of modern bodyboarding, mixing drop knee and prone wave riding.

"I love these conditions. I wanted to drop-knee some waves, and I got a good air reverse on a left, and prone. I wanted to show the Tour that we can drop-knee in these types of waves," explained the young gun from Kauai.

"I like drop-knee in bigger waves. It's more like riding a surfboard, and I feel more connected to the wave. It's a lot harder to do because you have to bottom-turn a lot harder, and you can easily slide out.

The next event on the 2018 APB World Tour is the Kiama Bodyboard King Pro, in New South Wales, Australia.

2018 Itacoatiara Pro | Final

1. Iain Campbell (RSA), 13.25
2. Tristan Roberts (RSA), 7.75