IBA Tour '08 heads to Brava Beach

February 26, 2008 | Bodyboarding

IBA Tour Brava Beach

The next stop for both Men and Women will be Brazil. Chico and Flavio are working hard to put on an awesome show.

Read on for more info and travel tips for this great event. All Applicants must sign entry form. Unsigned applications and applications without money will not be accepted. 

The contest will start in 03/18/2008, at 8am. The event will be held at Brava beach located in Itajaí city located north of Santa Catarina State. All international flights will arrive ate Hercilio Cruz international airport. Florianopolis is an island and it the capital of Santa Catarina.

From the airport to the Maria Rito bus station is about 10km a 20 minute car ride. We recommend getting e cab since is a very short trip.

To get to Brava beach in Itajaí you must go to the Maria Rita bus station terminal and get a bus towards the competition. The distance is about 90km a 1hour and 20 minutes ride. The highways are in excellent conditions and renting a car is a great option.

The Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro recommends these accommodations and restaurants. They were classified as A, B or C depending on what they have to offer. Also the distance to the competition is shown.

Source: IBA World Tour

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