IBC World Tour: the Covid-19 pandemic put an end to the 2021 professional bodyboarding circuit | Photo: IBC

The International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) announced the decision to cancel the 2021 tour.

After a long silence, the promotors of the newly created professional bodyboarding circuit revealed that, with ongoing travel restrictions and uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the wise move is to cancel the crowning of world champions in 2021.

Despite the 2021 tour not going ahead as planned due to ongoing global health restrictions, the competitive calendar will feature at least two contests going ahead as World Cup, IBC-sanctioned events.

Portugal's Sintra Pro World Cup, which celebrates a delayed 25th anniversary, is currently scheduled to run from September 7-12, depending on how the local COVID-19 situation plays out.

The Fronton King World Cup contest, which takes place on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, is also set to go ahead from October 16-31

And much like the Sintra Pro World Cup, the running of the event is largely dependent on the Covid-19 situation.

In 2020, the event took place amidst strict Covid-19 guidelines and proved to be a big success, despite many of bodyboarding's top riders unable to attend.

Alongside these two popular events, 2021 sees the return of the Annaelle Challenge, a French specialty event.

The event's holding period opens in September and runs for three months, closing at the end of November.

"To promote and maintain a global competitive bodyboarding atmosphere that is accessible to riders all over the world, there is work and preparation going into a video-based contest for 2021," IBC notes.

"Whilst it is very disappointing for bodyboard fans and riders alike, efforts and work are being poured into the 2022 tour."

IBC's decision also puts an end to the speculation regarding the possibility of crowning world champions in a one-off event in Hawaii.

The Rules for 2022

The Grand Slam and the Qualifying type events from 2019 have been dropped, and for 2022, riders will need to compete in a minimum of four world tour events.

With a possible 11 events lined up, not including any specialty events, it gives riders a real chance to ensure their top 4 best results are counted towards claiming the World Champion title.

This gives riders the freedom to select which events they want to ride and further helps with travel decisions.

The riders will have the opportunity to select the events they really want to ride in order to maximize their chances of becoming the 2022 world champion.

Rider rankings from 2019 will be used for seedings in 2022 events.

"Once again, from all of us here at the IBC, all the event promoters and riders, we'd like to thank you for your patience and continued support through what has been a truly challenging period of modern human existence," concludes IBC.

"Covid-19 is not over yet, and we all have our part to play to help ensure we put an end to its spread."

"2021 is already proving to be an exciting time, and with eyes firmly fixed on 2022 - the future of professional competitive bodyboarding is looking extremely positive."

More information about how this will work, dates, and other details will be released when it becomes available.

2022 IBC World Tour | Provisional Calendar

Lurín Pro | Perú | April
Arica Cultura Bodyboard | Chile | May
Bellavista Iquique Pro | Chile | May
Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival | Chile | May
Itacoatiara Pro | Brazil | June
Wahine Bodyboard Pro | Brazil | July
Pascuales Bodyboard Festival | México | July
Kiama Pro | Australia | August
South Africa Pro | South Africa | August
Sintra Pro | Portugal | September
Gran Canaria Fronton King | Canary Islands | October

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