"InUtero": the ghost of Michael Novy somewhere in South Australia

Sunshine Coast's Michael Novy has never been afraid of empty, death-defying surf breaks. His latest short film puts him where he belongs - inside the pit.

Novy is one of the most confident and committed bodyboarders in Australia, and he only needed four days to find enough waves for "InUtero."

"In utero" is a Latin term meaning "in the womb," and after watching the Australian's latest edit, you'll clearly read the expression from a different perspective.

The video was shot in the desert of South Australia by Tyge Landa and Dave Fox. In the end, you tend to ask yourself a question: are the world's best riders competing on the world tour? Maybe not.

Anyway, Michael Novy seems to perform at his best in waves of consequence, or those no one is interested in. He just put on the free bodyboarding jersey and eyes the impossible rides.

"InUtero" is a balanced blend of stunning slow motion footage and real time action video, hollow left and right-hand waves, barrels and aerial antics.

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