Iquique will host the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

April 25, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Iquique: barrels for bodyboarders | Photo: Fernando Perucci/CiudadXtrema

The 4th Annual ISA World Bodyboard Championship will be run between 8th-15th December, in Iquique, Chile.

Bodyboarding is living the worst year in the history of the sport founded by Tom Morey. After crowning a champion based on the previous year's results, the world governing body canceled the 2014 season, and even suspended its official website.

Meanwhile, the newly formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has managed to keep the planetary circuit running with dignity, despite the absence of events in mainland USA and Australia.

Fortunately, the International Surfing Association (ISA) has kept the spirit of bodyboarding alive, and the world's best riders will certainly have increased reasons to compete in Chile, in December 2014.

Punta 1, a spot located in Iquique, offers a world-class reef break that will invite bodyboarders for tube riding and high performance maneuvers. Athletes will compete for the world team champion trophy and individual medals.

"Punta 1 will be the perfect venue for the best bodyboarders in the world. It will be a fantastic competition, and we look forward to a long term relationship between Chile and the ISA," says Fernando Aguerre, president of ISA.

Located in the northern region of Chile along the Pacific Ocean, Iquique is a port city known for its warm hospitality and world-class waves. It is the "Land of Champions," where sport has a special and important place.

"All the bodyboarders from around the globe can expect a world-class right, with four to six foot tube rides, ensuring that spectators are guaranteed to see a show. “Punta 1 is a technical and high performance wave for a world championship,", says Juan Agustin Echeverria, president of the Chilean Surfing Federation.

Each team will consist of a maximum of seven athletes competing in the following categories: Open Men (3), Open Women (1), Junior Under-18 Boys (1), Junior Under-18 Girls (1), and Open Drop-Knee (1).

Bodyboarding was first included in the ISA World Surfing Games in 1988, with Chris Cunningham from the USA taking home the Gold Medal. In 2011, the first stand-alone ISA World Bodyboard Championship was held in Galdar, Canary Islands, Spain. The 2012 and 2013 editions took place at Playa Parguito in Margarita Island, Venezuela.

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