Is "Mar da Calha" the longest wave in Portugal?

June 15, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Mar da Calha: it could be Portugal's longest wave | Photo: Hugo Silva/Red Bull

There's a legendary hidden wave just half a mile off the shore of Lisbon, in Portugal. A few knew about it, but only a couple surfed it. The documentary "Mar da Calha" will unveil all its beauty.

Hugo Pinheiro is one of Portugal's best bodyboarders. He was born in Costa de Caparica, Lisbon's southern surfing destination. He won five European titles, but in the last years he dedicated his time to surf exploration.

Pinheiro has been eyeing a unique surf spot located less than one kilometer off the coastline, and breaking right next to the Bugio Lighthouse, an offshore platform located in the Tejo river mouth.

Mar da Calha: only a bodyboarder knows the feeling | Photo: Hugo Silva/Red Bull

"As a bodyboarder and passionate about the sea, I have traveled the world in search of the best waves, but this time it seems that all my dreams have come true at my doorstep!" explains Hugo Pinheiro.

"I've been watching this wave for years, and now I have all that's needed to explore it. It has been a very rewarding experience to gather data and study a wave that breaks in Lisbon, in front of everyone's eyes, although only a few have had the opportunity to experience it."

"Mar da Calha" is a documentary about the wave with the same name. Gustavo Imigrante, the director behind the movie, captured a rare gathering of pro wave riders taking the most out of the unusual peak. Pinheiro thinks the final result is outstanding.

Mar da Calha: Hugo Pinheiro knows how to fly high | Photo: Hugo Silva/Red Bull

"It was not easy to shoot the documentary because the area where the wave breaks has a very complicated access. The whole team was on high alert, and when we got the perfect conditions, we moved in. I am sure this can be the longest wave of the Portuguese coast," concludes Hugo Pinheiro.

"Mar da Calha" also features former Dream Tour surfer, Tiago Pires, and the 2014 world junior surfing champion, Vasco Ribeiro.