Isabela Sousa is the 2010 IBA Women's World Tour champion

November 1, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Isabela Sousa: winning girls like Dilma

Brazilian Isabela Sousa totalled 860 points at the 2010 BPF in Venezuela and despite finishing in second place at this championship, the total was enough points to win the 2010 IBA WWT World title.

Sousa and Eunate Aguirre (Spain) went wave for wave in the final until Aguirre walked away with the first place in a exciting heat with extreme wave conditions, with some sets pushing 8-10 feet. Eunate was just too strong and put in an amazing performance but the victory was bittersweet. She was also vying for the 2010 WWT title in a year where Neymara Carvalho was off.

In the DK division, Peruvian Cesar Bauer surprised everyone when he defeated Hawaiian Dave Hubbard. The South American put on an excellent show filled with radical maneuvers that allowed him to earn 17.67 points over the 14.83 total of Hubbard. Just a few days earlier, Bauer had won the Latin American title when he earned enough points in the ¼ finals of the IBA Latin American division .

The 2010 BPF exceeded everyone’s expectations at the highest level as a result of a Women’s World Title, a Latin American Title and leaving the Dropknee championship in a tight race for the title when they all meet at the Canary islands in December.

Meanwhile, locals Lumar Guittard finished 5th place in the women’s championship, Leonel Marcano and Nestor Toro reached semifinals in the Open Category and in the Dropknee category, locals David Velasquez and Jose Cristiano did the same.

It also showed that in the right conditions the Isle de Margarita can produce world class waves. Brazilian Magno Oliveira showed lots of style when he outclassed Dave Hubbard in the final of the Latin American division. This was the last event on the tour and Magno was crowned champion for 2010.

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