Isabela Sousa rides the "Portuguese Wedge"

February 26, 2019 | Bodyboarding
Paço de Arcos: a wedge-type wave that breaks near Lisbon | Photo: Van Life Productions

Isabela Sousa calls it the "Portuguese Wedge." And yes, although not as big as the original - Newport Beach's The Wedge - it sure delivers a few thick and powerful waves.

Located in Paços de Arcos, on the outskirts of Lisbon, the iconic right-hand point break wave only comes to life when Atlantic huge swells hit the Portuguese coast.

The triangular wave breaks alongside the breakwater and often allows for a few airs and tube rides, making it an almost bodyboarders-only spot.

However, this is also a very sensitive break and may change abruptly when the sandbanks shift slightly forward or backward.

The four-time world bodyboarding champion shared a few waves with the locals and dropped a video with some of the gems that the spot produces.

Isabela Sousa says the wave reminds her of Poço da Draga, also known as Carminha, a Brazilian wedge that breaks in Fortaleza, and the place where the Brazilian landed a huge air.

Sousa is currently living in Portugal. She rides for Estoril Praia, a Portuguese sports club based in Cascais.

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