Isabela Sousa: she has won a back-to-back Miss Activo Cup title | Photo: ETB

Isabela Sousa has taken out the 2019 Miss Activo Cup, in Ílhavo, Costa Nova, Portugal.

Europe's longest-running women's bodyboarding contest saw history repeating itself, with Sousa and Teresa Padilla fighting for the coveted trophy.

In the final, the Brazilian bodyboarder took an early lead and secured a comfortable margin after earning 7.50 points for a wave, the best of the event’s final heat.

Minutes later, Isabela added a backup wave of 6.07 points and concluded her performance with a total score of 13.57 points.

The Spanish reacted with a 5.17 and 3.67-point wave, but when the horn sounded, Padilla needed 8.40 points to steal the show.

"Small and tricky ocean conditions lead to surprises, and they were victims of it. There is also the luck factor, and I think I was lucky not to be surprised," explained Isabela Sousa.

The Brazilian secured her second consecutive win in the Miss Activo Cup and is now leading the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB rankings.

"But the new generation of Portuguese bodyboarders is very strong. It's always great to surf here in Costa Nova. Moving to Portugal has allowed me to train better, and I think I'm on the right track."

2019 Miss Activo Cup | Final

1. Isabela Sousa (BRA) 13.57
2. Teresa Padilla (ESP) 8.40


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