Isabela Sousa fired up in the IBA Women's World Tour

October 27, 2008 | Bodyboarding

IBA Women World Tour

The second last event on the IBA World Women’s Tour got underway in Venezuela today on Isla De Margarita and the girls put on an amazing display of elite bodyboarding in the small random peaks.

Portugal’s Rita Pires was the most notable first round casualty with a third place in her first heat.

Joining her on the sideline were other top seeds Annabella Guittard (Vnz) Izamar Vivas (Vnz)  & Andrea Carvalho (USA).

The recently crowned ISA World Champion Natasha Sargardia (Prc) showed flashes of brilliance but was beaten into second in the closing stages by Brazilian Jessica Becker.

Current ratings leader Isabela Sousa (Brz) fired off a warning shot over the head or her rivals when she blitzed the first round with a confident performance. Her focus is obvious as she tries to capture her first IBA World Title.

Isabela was both the highest scorer of the day (8.17) and held the best two wave combo (14.5).

Brazilian Naara Caroline also looked in fine touch smashing her way to Victory in heat 6.

Venezuela’s highest rated competitor Lumar Guittard stoked the crowd when she snuck into the quarters behind Soria Rocha (Brz).  Lumar had to hold off a determined Ruth Parra (Vnz) to finish second.

The quarter finals shape up like this.

Quarter 1
Jessica Becker
Isabela Sousa
Catarina Sousa
Lorraine Lima

Quarter 2
Christiane Kale
Mayla Venturin
Natasha Sargardia
Renata Cavallerio

Quarter 3
Neymara Carvalho
Naara Carloline
Luz Mary Perez
Lumar Guittard

Quarter 4
Eunate Aguirre
Soria Rocha
Neuzza Mochacho
Juliana Dourado

Round two of the 4 Star Latin American Men’s Tour continued and Brazilian Uri Valadao progressed into the quarters behind Venezuela’s David Mantelini giving him enough points to secure the championship

The IBA DK Tour also kicked off and DK specialists Dave Hubbard and Ardiel Jimenez showed the crowd how to surf small waves with powerful snaps in the pocket and controlled tail wafts.

Local Filipe’ Fernandez also shredded his way into the semi’s.

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