Itacoatiara Pro 2016 kicks off with exciting waves

June 20, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Itacoatiara Pro 2016: fun waves | Photo: D'Andrea

The first waves of the Itacoatiara Pro 2016 have already been ridden. The world's best female and junior bodyboarders opened the event in punchy three-to-six-foot surf, in Niteroi, Brazil.

The waves were not big, but they were totally contestable. In the first day of competition, 16 riders earned a ticket to the main event via trials. Socrates Santana, the 2015 world junior champion, is one of them.

"I am very happy. My focus is on the Pro Junior world title, but also I want to prove to myself that I can compete on equal terms with the top athletes of the tour," noted the young bodyboarder from Rio de Janeiro.

Santana will be joined in the main event by João Zik, João Paulo, Miguel Rodriguez, Tristan Roberts, Adejaldo Silva, Julien Miremont, Manuel Centeno, Ethan Nel, Goncalo Pinheiro, Diego Berrios, Andre Luis, Gabriel Braga, Pedro Henrique Souza, and Gabriel Popo.

Meanwhile, in the Women's division, Isabela Sousa scored the first Perfect 10 of the Itacoatiara Pro 2016, and she will have to beat Sari Ohhara if she wants to reach the final. Alexandra Rinder, the 2015 world champion, will surf against Ayaka Suzuki in the semifinals.

"It was a very tough heat. I know I have a lot of pressure on me to be world champion again, but I'm handling it well. I'm thinking just one heat at a time, but clearly I want to be the champion," added Rinder.

The Pro Junior event reached the semifinals, and seven out of eight riders are from Brazil. Christian Tapia, from Chile, will try to conquer a spot in the final, but he will face Socrates Santana, Marcelo Santos, and Wanderley Junior in one of the two clashes set for the next days.

Itacoatiara Pro 2016 | Results & Matchups

Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Gugu Barcellos (BRA), Gonçalo Pinheiro (POR)
Dave Hubbard (HAW), Hermano Castro (BRA), André Luis (BRA)
Alex Uranga (EUK), Eder Luciano (BRA), Julien Miremont (FRA)
Nicolas Chiara (ARG), Antonio Cardoso (POR), Diego Berrios (CHI)
Uri Valadão (BRA), Matias Dias (CHI), João Paulo (BRA)
José Otávio (BRA), Roberto Bruno (BRA), Pedro Henrique (BRA)
Lewy Finnegan (AUS), Israel Salas (BRA), Miguel Rodriguez (PER)
Jeff Hubbard (HAW), Guilherme Correa (BRA), Gabriel Popo (BRA)
Jared Houston (RSA), Lucas Faria (BRA), João Zik (BRA)
Alan Munoz (CHI), Miguel Adão (POR), Kalani Lattanzi (BRA)
Maxime Castillo (FRA), David Barbosa (BRA), Ethan Nel (RSA)
Diego Cabrera (I.CAN), Iain Campbell (RSA), Gabriel Braga (BRA)
Jacob Romero (HAW), Sergio Luis (BRA), Tristan Roberts (RSA)
Sacha Damjanic (CHI), Lucas Nogueira (BRA), Sócrates Santana (BRA)
Tanner McDaniel (HAW), Nelson Flores (CHI), Manuel Centeno (POR)
Pierre Louis Costes (FRA), Dudu Pedra (BRA), Adejaldo Silva (BRA)

Pro Junior
Christian Tapia (CHI), Sócrates Santana (BRA), Marcelo Santos (BRA), Wanderley Junior (BRA)
Matheus Bastos (BRA), Diego Vieira (BRA), Thiago Silva (BRA), Luan Tavares (BRA)

Ayaka Suzuki (JAP) x Alexandra Rinder (CNY)
Isabela Sousa (BRA) x Sari Ohhara (JAP)

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