Jack Johns claims the 2011 Wedge Air Show

July 4, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Jack Johns: he loves wedges

Jack Johns has conquered the 2011 Wedge Air Show, in Tolcarne, Cornwall, UK. In the 20 minute final heat, Johns beat the experienced Rob Barber, Alex Winkworth and Damian Prisk.

The second event of the British bodyboarding championships was held in three-foot wedges and offshore winds. Fortunately, the contest was held in sunny conditions, which makes it perfect for riding waves in the beautiful Tolcarne Beach, in Newquay.

In the final heat, Barber upped the benchmark with inverts, rolls and spins at his home break. As Porthtowan local Winkworth mixed a few little barrels with some boost sections on both lefts and rights, Prisk waited for the elusive wedge to work its magic and give him a section that he could bust a big maneuver on and stamp his authority on the final.

As time ticked away, that wave marched in to Johns, who sped with a silky trim line and whipped a full rotation air reverse off the bowl, projecting him into the flats as the crowd hooted and whistled just a few yards away on the beach.

In the Drop Knee contest, Olly Medland was stronger and got over Alex Winkworth, Aidan Salmon, Chris Milford and Aaron Dinham. In the Women's division, Loz Williams was first and Olivia Smedley second.

During the 2011 Wedge Air Show, dozens of bodyboarders paddled out and waited to turn and catch one wave together in to shore – commonly known as a party wave. All eyes are on the next stop on the tour -The Pit/NMD North Kernow Challenge - which is due to take place at Constantine Bay.

Johns is now leading the 2011 British Bodyboard Club Tour with 805 points, followed by U-18 British champion Steve Hall with 583, Dave Speller with 500, Barber with 430 and Remi Geffroy and Winkworth on 365 each.


1. Jack Johns
2. Rob Barber
3. Alex Winkworth
4. Damian Prisk


1. Olly Medland
2. Alex Winkworth
3. Aidan Salmon
4. Chris Milford
5. Aaron Dinham


1. Loz Williams
2. Olivia Smedley

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