Jacob Romero: Hawaiian expert | Photo: Lee Kelly

Jacob Romero has been crowned the 2014 IBA Hawaii Pro Tour bodyboarding champion.

The 29-year-old ripper from Waiehu, Maui, was able to secure his lead in the overall rankings in the Westside Challenge, the last event of the season, held at Keaau.

Ben Severson, one of the ultimate bodyboarding pioneers, put on a jersey and returned to competition to prove that age does not affect performance.

Jeff Hubbard stole the 2014 edition of the Westside Challenge, but Jacob Romero ended up celebrating the Hawaiian title. When it was over, he was all smiles.

"Dreams do come true. I've been chasing this dream ever since I started competing professionally about nine years ago, and I can finally say I've done it. Yesterday was an epic day, and got to surf some amazing Pipeline straight after," expressed the rider from Maui.

Melanie Bartels won the event and was crowned the 2014 IBA Hawaii Pro Women's Tour champion. Dayton Wago conquered the Drop-Knee division.

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