Jacob Romero: good at escaping chandeliers | Photo: Specker/IBA

Jacob Romero conquered the second edition of the Cave Rock Invitational in Durban, South Africa.

The experienced Hawaiian rider managed to defeat Derek Footit, Stephen Du Preez, and Sacha Specker in the decisive heat, held in firing conditions.

Romero pulled a few Perfect 10s throughout the competition and even became the first bodyboarder to pull an invert air reverse in a South African contest.

"So stoked and humbled to be part of an epic contest and compete against the best South African wave riders. Mahalo Michael Ostler and everyone. I couldn't be more thankful. I'll be back for sure!" expressed Jacob Romero.

In the Cave Rock Invitational 2015, Sacha Specker also pulled a Perfect 10, and Trials' winner Derek Footit put on a fantastic performance and missed the victory by a single point.

Cave Rock Invitational 2015 | Final

1. Jacob Romero
2. Derek Footit
3. Stephen Du Preez
4. Sacha Specker

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