Jake Stone wins the 2010 Deeply Surfusiom

September 5, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Jake Stone: commitment is everything

Australian bodyboarder Jake Stone has conquered the 2010 Deeply Surfusiom, in Ferrol, Spain.

In the last leg of the European tour, Stone defeated Yeray Matinez with a stand out bodyboarding performance.

“I can’t believe that”, said Stone. “I never gave up, I just said no way am I going to be beaten. I’m so stoked”.

The Drop Knee final was a classic matchup of two Australian prone riders that just also happen to be very proficient on the knee: Dave Winchester and Damian King.

Winny opened up with an 8 and took an early lead and hammered it home with a few 6’s & 7’s that left Kingy in “Combo-land”.

But in true King fashion he snagged a deep barrel/ floater (1o pointer) in the final 2 minutes that left him chasing a 4 point something but time simply ran out.

Winny takes the crown. The 2010 IBA World Tour says goodbye to Europe and heads for the last stage: the Bahia Bodyboarding Show, in Brazil.

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