Jamie O'Brien confirmed in the APB Pipe Challenge 2014

February 14, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Jamie O'Brien: a bodyboarding expert

Jamie O'Brien, the multifaceted wave rider from Oahu, will compete at the APB Pipe Challenge 2014.

Make no mistake. Yes, it's him. The 2004 Pipe Masters champions will be competing in the most important event of the professional bodyboarding.

O'Brien, who has already got barreled with two surfboards, is seeded in Heat 5, Round 1 of the APBPipe Challenge 2014 against Hirotoshi Takehashi, Pedro Machado and Steve Rogers.

The rebel rider is known for riding waves with all sorts of boards. This is not the first he is recruited to a major bodyboarding event.

In 2009, Jamie O'Brien finished third in his Round 4 of the IBA Pipeline Pro. He kept losing his fins, but showed an outstanding performance in prone riding mode.

At the time, he was criticized for taking spots that could've been awarded to full-time bodyboarders, and for the famous picture in which he shows his middle fingers to a barreled bodyboarder.

The truth is Jamie O'Brien respects bodyboarding and puts his name and face in the competition sheet. What will he be doing next?

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