Japanese riders invade the Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding

April 19, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Charlie Olt: fit to bodyboard, indeed

Break Wall keeps delivering contestable waves for the Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding, in New South Wales, Australia. The Women's division saw a strong team of Japanese bodyboarding girls joining the tour.

It has been a great mix of generations. Years ago names like Aoi Koike and Chigusa Niguiyama were leading the pack on Tour. Today, these names have mentored the youth through their bodyboarding schools, making this newer generation hungrier and and stronger than their own.

So, the Ladies heats were dominated by the Japanese contingent, Hiromi Takake, Mayumi Tone, Miya Inoue and Ayake Susuki, who all won their heats this morning.

Emma Cobb and Nicole Flemming were the sole Australian’s in Round 1 and easily managed to stand their ground to advance into Round 2 along side Ruth Parra and Miyumi Kondo.

Round 3 of the Men’s saw Port Macquarie’s, Nathan Branch, Jones Russell, Sam Bennet, Charlie Holt and Damian King in the drivers seat with stylish and smooth riding to advance.

Heat 6 of Round 3 saw a neck on neck battle between Aussies, Joe Clarke (13.96) vs Nick Ormerod (13.67) who respectively placed first and second.

Other standouts of Round 3 included Ewan Donnachie, Dan Worsley, Hayato Enokido, Alberto Colucci and Canarian’s Nelson Mora and Ruyman Rey. Due to a relentless rain squall and deteriorating conditions, event organizers decided to halt competition after heat 2 of Round 4.

Heat 1 of Round 4 saw Magno Passos and Jones Russell advance in 1st and 2nd respectively whilst Sam Bennet and Western Australia’s Lewy Finnegan took out Heat 2 of Round 4 in 1st and 2nd respectively.

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