Jared Houston: a dreamy Puerto Rican wave | Photo: APA/Pride

Jared Houston dislocated his shoulder during his bodyboarding adventures in Puerto Rico. Fortunately, not before scoring epic waves in dangerous slabs.

Jared is one of pro bodyboarding's frequent high flyers. His winter training sessions prove he is ready to fight for the 2015 APB World Tour title. Seriously, just watch his "Road Kill."

"The sun makes it all look so friendly; I was so stoked when it came out. This kind of wave at this break is sick; it breaks away from the rock, and you almost come in on a wedge and backdoor it," explains Houston.

"How flat is the top of that wave? The period this day was only about 13 secs, but in Puerto Rico, that makes for really meaty, clean conditions. This one opened up."

"In heavy surf, when the wave is at its hollowest point and right before it blows out, it actually sucks all the air back into the vortex like a vacuum. The suck-in on this wave was like something I've never experienced before, anywhere."

The partial shoulder dislocation occurred naturally. Jared Houston kept pushing his limits until he got injured. Fortunately, it is not a very serious problem. The South African will be five weeks out of the water.

"This is the dream wave out here if you're a bodyboarder. Just make sure you cut out really quickly to avoid hitting the rock at the end of the wave like I did."

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