Jared Houston: he finally won the Fronton King | Photo: APB

Jared Houston claimed the 2017 Fronton King in pumping six-to-eight waves at Galdar, Gran Canaria.

The final heats of the professional bodyboarding season got underway in classic El Frontón conditions, that is, with hollow barrels and vertical ramps.

The thunderous reef break came to life, and the world's best bodyboarders rose to the occasion by pulling in and coming out of the massive liquid cylinders in grand fashion.

After watching Pierre-Louis Costes beating Hawaiian wonder boy Jacob Romero in the losers' final, Houston and Amaury Lavernhe met for the clash of world champions.

Five years after losing the Fronton King final to Costes, Houston was finally able to raise the iconic trophy - a large bunch of local bananas.

"This event was right at the top of my list to win. In fact, it's the event I've thought about the most over the last ten years. I love Fronton, and we were able to seal the deal on our relationship," explained Houston.

"It was made even more special by the presence of my mother and father, who up till this point had never watched me compete internationally, as well as that of my daughter, Poeiti, who has been my companion and bedmate over the past few weeks."

The 2017 APB Tour seasons is over. Iain Campbell and Joana Schenker are the new world bodyboarding champions, and they will be defending their maiden titles when the pro circuit returns in 2018.

2017 Fronton King | Final

1. Jared Houston (ZAF), 15.70
2. Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 12.67

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