Jared Houston wins 2012 Tand Invitational

July 4, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Jared Houston: getting barreled in South Africa

Jared Houston has conquered the 2012 Tand Invitational, in South African. The local bodyboarder sealed the victory in superb wave conditions and debuting a new scoring system in the country.

The quarterfinals were surfed in 8–10ft gurgling monsters, but the swell continued to build all day. The next day, after the mist lifted, everyone enjoyed golden light perfect 6-8ft lined-up pearls.

The standouts in this round were Jared Houston’s moon tickle of an invert, Sasha Specker committing to a crazy ARS and Henk Esterhuysen for being Captain pit pilot.

Mark McCarthy, Henk Esterhuysen, Jared Houston and Adam Morely were in for the decisive final heat. Houston got a big backflip and good barrel combination and Adam Morley just narrowly missed out on a huge deep barrel. McCarthy got a few good back up scores and with that the heat was over.

On land, no one knew who had won. The finalists gathered on the rock podium and it was then announced that Jared Houston successfully defended his Tand Invitational title and was deemed winner of the 2012 edition.

Mark McCarthy got second place, Adam Morley was third and Henk Esterhuysen took fourth. Taking out the Shaggy's Choice Award, and deservingly so, was Henk Esterhuysen for a barrel that touched insanity and left all the spectators screaming like wild baboons on the shoreline.