Jeff and Dave Hubbard join Reeflex Wetsuits

July 13, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Jeff and Dave Hubbard: the brotherhood of the wetsuit

Jeff and Dave Hubbard have signed to Reeflex USA. The wetsuit brand announced that the iconic North American brothers will join Jacob Vandervelde on the US team.

The company founded by John Barker has already signed with a group of media-hyped bodyboarders like Dave Winchester, Ryan Hardy, Andrew Lester and Mark McCarthy.

Jeff Hubbard is a two-time IBA world champion, ten-time USBA champion, and reigning back-to-back IBA Pipeline champion. His amazing riding style and professionalism has made him a legend among the bodyboarding community.

"I am excited to be a part of the great Reeflex team and able to support a 100% bodyboard brand here in the USA, as well as all across the globe", says Jeff.

Dave Hubbard is a past IBA world champion in DK, and reigning Drop Knee and prone US champion. His ability to excel at prone, drop knee, and stand up is a testament to his versatility and elite status.

"I’m really excited to be riding the same suits as my brother again. If you want to ride the best, you have to use the best", adds Dave.

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