Jeff Hubbard and Catarina Sousa win the 2009 Sintra Portugal Pro

August 30, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Sintra Portugal Pro

Pro bodyboarder Jeff Hubbard has won the 2009 Sintra Portugal Pro, at Praia Grande, after beating Ryan Hardy in final heat.

The Hawaiian got the best waves, while Hardy was being cautious in the wave selection.

In the first wave, Hubbard got an amazing ARS and then a fantastic Back Flip.

The crowd cheered and Jeff Hubbard was ready to win the Sintra Portugal Pro.

"I've always wanted to win this event and I finally made it", said Jeff Hubbard.

Portuguese bodyboarder Catarina Sousa conquered the Women's title at Praia Grande.

In the final heat, she defeated another Portuguese bodyboarder, Rita Pires.

DK king, Dave Hubbard, was the clear leader for the dropknee from the outset in the first final on the DKWT. 

The four man final saw a lot of jostling for 2nd and 3rd between Dave Winchester and Ardiel Jimenez. 

The conditions were difficult for the final as the waves failed to produce clean lines that allowed for multiple moves. 

The final results for the drop knee were:

1. Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
2. Ardiel Jimenez (Canaries)
3. Dave Winchester (Australia)
4. Nuno Leitao (Portugal)

The IBA World Tour Men's ranking after Sintra Portugal Pro:

1. Jeff Hubbard
2. Mike Stewart
3. Guilherme Tamega
4. Pierre Luis Costes
5. Ryan Hardy
6. Dave Winchester
7. Amaury Laverhne
8. Mark McCarthy
9. Uri Valadao
10.Dave Hubbard

The IBA World Tour Women's ranking after Sintra Portugal Pro:

1. Eunate Aguirre
2. Jessica Becker
3. Neymara Carvalho
4. LuzMarie Grand Perez
5. Catarina Sousa
6. Rita Pires
7. Natasha Sagardia
8. Isabella Sousa
9. Lumar Guittard
10.Izamar Vivas

The IBA World now heads to Spain for the Deeply Ferrol Pro, at Doniños Beach, in Galicia, Spain.

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