Jeff Hubbard and Luz Maria Grande conquer the 2009 US Open of Bodyboarding

May 25, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Jeff Hubbard and Luz Maria Grande conquer the 2009 US Open of Bodyboarding

The 2009 Sport Chalet US Open Of Bodyboarding wrapped up in what could be called a perfect day. Three to five foot swell marched through the morning heats starting with the Women’s Pro quarters.

A big display of combo maneuvers and smooth surfing was shown by the likes of Tara Parson’s, Luz Maria Grande, Roberta Bitzer and Keila Grodzen. Even though not progressing Natalie Wong surfed the set of the morning maneuvering to the beach.

The big story of the morning was newcomer and quarterfinal heat winner Natasha Overin, at the age of 15 she is showing the girls that she has a huge future in the sport. The action did not stop there as the Men’s Pro Final was next.

The heat started with more of a thud then a bang, as a 12 minute lull from the swell ensued. With 11 minutes left in the heat sets started to poor in and the action followed. Jeff Hubbard started the exchange with a combo reverse carve to spin to double aerial combo, followed by Jonah Romero linking two solid outside maneuvers to double roll combo with flowing bottom turns.

After that Jacob Romero put on a dizzying display of combos that had him looking to be in the top two position of the final. In the dying moments of the final Jonah and Jeff had one more exchange with Jonah combo linking another spin set up to inside rolls.

Jeff answered back with an out side spin and a solid barrel that the Judges awarded with the highest score of the heat. When the dust settled it was Jeff on top with Jonah and Jacob landing in second then third with a .5 count back between all three riders.

The lone California Matt Byzak all though on fire in the previous rounds did not find his stride in the final and landed himself a solid fourth place finish to start his USBA campaign. Heading into the DK division it was California vs the long Hawaiian Dave Hubbard.

California is known for it’s talented Drop Knee riders and today they did not disappoint. A tight nit crew of Jeff Bragg, Wally Sani and Ray Machado not only dominated but all made it to the final with only Dave left in the final to stop a Californian from taking the coveted Sport Chalet US Open title.

All riders surfed well but it was Wally Sani who was able to link turn after turn during the final to take home the win. Dave Hubbard surfed well but was not as comfortable in the typical California surf that was on hand.

Ray and Jeff both did well through out the event but did not peak at the right time with Ray finishing forth and Jeff third. After that it was back into the women’s Semi finals were Tara Parsons continued to surf with style and maturity of a seasoned vet.

Newcomer Natasha Overin was not able to progress to the final but left the water with a great accomplishment winning her first Pro Women’s heat on the USBA and also a new sponsor that will be released later in the month.

Roberta Bitzer surfed smooth once again and was able to reach her goal of the making a final at HB where she had never competed before at the US Open. Monica Delamore was surfing aggressive through the semis and this served her well as she also advanced.

Luz Maria was surfing consistent and almost effortlessly progressed once again to her second final of the year after her win the Pipeline Pro. All four girls meet in the final and it was a tight race to the finish.

Monica and Tara started the heat strong sharing the first set of the heat. As the heat progressed all girls kept the rides intense and left the judges with a hard task to decipher a winner.

The Puerto Rican Luz Maria Grande was the one who was able to edge out the girls for the win. Tara followed up in close second with Monica placing third and Roberta took the fourth position. One point was all that separated the winner from fourth place.

This was another great venue for the girls and they showed that the women are progressing in full force! Next up was the Groms with the Open Amateur, 13-18 Amateur, and 12 and under divisions. The surf didn’t either as they tour the solid conditions apart.

In the Open it was Dilan Digiacomo coming off a win in 08 at Salt Creek who once again made the final and took the win. In the 13-18 it was Collin Goddard who showed there was a new game in town as far a California Amateurs are concerned.

The 12 under division was once again dominated by the likes of Rocket Klein who took down the division and also made a dent open Amateur division.

To break up the finals of the Amateurs the Stand Up division was held and Maui’s Jesse Walsh took out some serious talent beating Chris Won and David Hubbard, two legends of the stand up discipline.

The USBA would like to thank Sport Chalet for hosting this wonderful event and also Bodyglove, Ocean Current, Sun Zapper, BZ, Spy and Monster Energy for supporting one of the best events to hit Mainland.

Next up will be The Sandy Beach Pro July 4th and 5th followed by the SCION Jenks Pro September 1st-7th.

USBA Staff Results

Mens Pro

1- Jeff Hubbard
2- Jonah Romero
3- Jacob Romero
4- Matt Byzak

DK Pro

1. Wally Sani
2. David Hubbard
3. Jeff Bragg
4. Ray Mchado

Womens Pro

1- Luz Maria Grande (PR)
2- Tara Parsons (CA)
3- Monica Dellamore (CA)
4- Roberta Bitzer (HI)

Open AM

1- Dilan Digiacomo
2- Jesse Walsh
3- Kril
4- Hunter

Fever AM, 13-18

1- Collan Goddard
2- Rilley Colle
3- Dilan Digiacomo
4- Jesse Walsh

12 & Under

1- Rocket Klein
2- Luke
3- Josh Brown


1- Jesse Walsh
2- Colton Ever
3- Dave Hubb
4- Chris Won

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