Jeff Hubbard claims the Sandy Beach Challenge 2014

September 8, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: a sweet return to the podium | Photo: Aubuchon Imagery

Jeff Hubbard has conquered the Sandy Beach Challenge 2014, on Oahu's South Shore, Hawaii.

The third stage of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour pumped clean two-to-four foot waves in one of the most famous Hawaiian bodyboarding spots. The shallow sharp reef delivered both lefts and rights and over $10,000 in cash.

Last-minute heroics earn Jeff Hubbard a victory in the Pro Men's division against Brazilian legend Guilherme Tamega. The wave ramps allowed for crazy acrobatic stunts and high-performance maneuvers.

"We were able to do big airs. The waves were shallow and punchy, and it was real technical stuff. The talent level is unbelievable, so I am stoked. I got the scores I needed in the last seconds of the semi and final; it was touch and go," expressed Hubbard.

Battles, battles and more battles that's what Guilherme Tamega and I always have when we put on a jersey. No matter the contest no matter who wins, the score can never reflect the intensity of the heat. We have had so many crazy heats and finals together since 1996 and I can still remember them all."

Melanie Bartels took the Women's division for the second time in a row; Dave Hubbard won the Drop-Knee competition, and young talent Sammy Morretino was able to reach two finals and claim one. The next Tour stage hits Kea'au in December, 2014.

Sandy Beach Challenge 2014 Results

Pro Men
1. Jeff Hubbard
2. Guilherme Tamega
3. Trevor Kam
4. David Phillips

1. Melanie Bartels
2. Karla Costa-Taylor
3. Aki Ogura
4. Kelly Gordon

1. Sammy Morrentino
2. Kawika Kamai
3. Cordon Stapp
4. Tanner McDaniel

1. Dave Hubbard
2. Sammy Morrentino
3. Cole Hansen
4. Dayton Wago

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