Jeff Hubbard conquers 2010 Wild Wild Wave El Fronton Invitational

December 20, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Jeff Hubbard: gnarly

In absolutely epic conditions, Jeff Hubbard has taken out the Wild Wild Wave El Fronton Invitational at the Canary Islands.

Waves got huge, and the weather conditions were quite like the last day of the world.

Super strong winds, choppy sea, closing waves, giant walls of white water greeted the 16 best bodyboarders of Planet Earth.

Sometimes, the right-handers could put riders in very difficult situations, in shallow water, touching the reef, and caught in the edgy inside of the gnarly wave peak.

The event was completed in a few hours.

"This should be the Wild Wild Weather El Fronton Invitational," said one of the competitors. In fact, it was hard to compete but, in the end, it was terrific too.

In the final heat, the Hawaiian was the best man. Jeff Hubbard recovered from fractured ribs and vertebrae in time to travel to the Canary Islands.

This victory is quite tasty.

The local bodyboarder Diego Cabrera took second, Andre Botha was third, and Yeray Martinez fourth in six-to-eight foot waves.

"I'm so happy. So stoked. I can't imagine that I actually won that contest," said Hubbard after the win.

"It's a dream to win a contest like this in heavy waves and in a competitive field like this. This is as big as my Pipeline victory."

"I want to thank my wife Heather and family for all the support. Friends and God. I'm so stoked."

The Wild Wild Wave El Fronton Invitational was a fantastic event, and it contributed to promoting world-class bodyboarding. Next time, next year?