Jeff Hubbard: making a statement for bodyboarding at Wavegarden

Who said artificial waves are only made for surfers? Find out what did the three-time world bodyboarding champion Jeff Hubbard think of the Wavegarden.

No Jeff, it's not a mirage. What you're actually seeing is the world's first ever surf pool by Wavegarden. So leave the croissant aside and go check if those waves out there are also made for bodyboarders.

The surf engineers are ready. Jeff Hubbards has put on his short wetsuit and waxed up his brand new signature bodyboard. Ready, set, ride.

The first 360s and "El Rollos" are pulled nicely. The cutbacks are also appreciated by the local crew of cows, sheep and horses.

But the Hawaiian champion wants to impress. In Drop-Knee mode, Jeff shows what he's learned with his brother Dave. Later, in a soft top surfboard, he confirms why he's an all-round wave rider.

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