Jeff Hubbard leads the charge in the 2009 US Open of Bodyboarding

May 24, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 Sport Chalet US Open of Bodyboarding

The Sport Chalet US Open of Bodyboarding saw big moves and solid crowds today to kick off day one of the two day event. It was Hawaiian domination with Jeff Hubbard leading the charge, while Jacob and Jonah rounded out the movement.

All three riders landed themselves in the Men’s Pro finals. Jeff Hubbard was linking outside combos spin to ars’s and solid rolls in the 3-4ft conditions.

Dave Hubbard was not as fortunate getting knocked out in the semi finals after a good first round and quarters showing. Dave did however make the DK final finding good barrels and outside set waves with good sections to turn on.

Jeremy Wright did all the “Wright” things up until the semi finals with a solid effort just missing his second final, losing to the on point Romero brothers.

Dark horse contest mad man Matt Byzak was pulling his patent looping rollos and solid combos which got him through to the talented USBA field final.

All day long fans where provided with product and good times from Monster Energy drinks, Sun Zapper, Sport Chalet, Bodyglove, Ocean Current, Sambazon and BZ Bodyboards.

On top of this, there was some major action going down in the DK division with Wally Sani making the final for the Cali crew throwing tail all the way through the semi finals.

Joe Grodzen had a some great performances as well but was unfortunately stopped in the semis.

SOURCE: IBA World Tour

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