Jeff Hubbard or Dave Winchester? El Frontón will crown the champion

November 21, 2012 | Bodyboarding
El Frontón: heavy slab

The 2012 Fronton Pro will crown the new IBA World Tour champion, from December 7th-16th. Only two riders can claim the title. Jeff Hubbard or Dave Winchester?

All eyes are on the Canary Islands, in Spain. The world's finest bodyboarders are heading to Europe to close the 2012 bodyboarding season. El Fronton, in Galdar, is one of the heaviest slabs in the planet.

Math is already done. The calculator says that Dave Winchester needs to finish winner or runner-up, as long as Jeff Hubbard fails to reach the Semifinals, that is fifth place.

If Hubbard progresses into the Semifinal, he will raise the IBA World Tour trophy for the third time in his bodyboarding career. But, there's more at stake in the Fronton Pro.

Who will secure their position for the 2013 IBA World Tour Gland Slam Series? Which will be the eight names - out of 12 riders still in contention - from the Global Qualifying Series (GQS) heading into the 2013 IBA World Tour?

Holding waves up to 15 feet and serving up lefts and rights, with hollow barrels and sections made for boosting, the bodyboarding world collectively holds its breath to see what Mother Nature will deliver, at El Frontón.

The 2012 Fronton Pro Trials will add eight spots into the main event. Jason Finlay, Dailos Rodriguez, Eliot Morales, Nelson Mora, Jonathon Vega and Nestor Perez are the wildcards who will also join the group.

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