Jeff Hubbard signs to 662 Bodyboard Shop team

January 6, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Jeff Hubbard

662 Bodyboard Shop proudly announces Hawaiian bodyboarder Jeff Hubbard to their team. 

Hubbard is the most recognized bodyboarder in the world who constantly pushes the boundaries of the sport.

Eddie Solomon, 662 Director, is very excited about Hubbard joining the team and stated: "662 has been following Jeff's bodyboarding career for a long time now, Jeff's commitment and determination for the sport has made him the most popular bodyboarder in the world.  With 662's future plans to globalize, there is no one better than Jeff to help us achieve our goals.  We look forward to supporting Jeff and can't wait to see what he will achieve in the coming years."

662's newest team rider Hubbard said: "I am very excited to be a part of 662's expansion. They have some big plans for the future and my goals correspond perfectly with theirs.  662 is a big supporter of the sport I love and I will be supporting them in this quest."

As respective leaders of the sport, Hubbard and 662 will work together to take the sport to higher levels.

About Hubbard: Hubbard is the 2006 IBA World Champion from Kauai, Hawaii. His style is characterized by crazy aerial tricks, and recognized by constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport.

His split leg invert and looped 360 airs are a kind of trademark,and he is also regarded as one of the few bodyboarders to ever land an aerial 720, and the only rider to ever pull a rewind (air forward to front flip).

He was the winner of the IBA Pipeline Pro bodyboarding contest in 2003 and 2007.

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